Online Sangha Programs

Online Membership

Looking for support with Zen practice? Join our virtual practice community, part of the international Kwan Um School of Zen.

Online Retreats

Sit retreat and strengthen your practice, in order to perceive more clearly and act from our natural compassion and wisdom. 

Zen Study Group

Study the sutras with experienced Zen teachers to better understand your journey and the true meaning of these sacred texts.

21-Day Zen Challenge

Train together in clarity, build your dharma energy, and solidify your confidence to navigate through the world’s ever growing changes.

Workshops & Webinars

Learn directly from Zen teachers about formal Zen Buddhist practice and how to integrate Zen into your everyday life. 

Heart Kyol Che Intensive

Deepen your Zen practice with an intensive three-month practice commitment, make your center strong and your direction clear. 

The Whole World Is a Single Flower

An international Zen conference dedicated to the spirit of unity and harmony across countries and traditions.

Livestream Meditation Practice

Practice Zen online together with Kwan Um groups around the world. Join sitting meditation, chanting, kong-an interviews & more.