We Should Be Much Lazier with Yuval Ido Tal

podcast Apr 09, 2019

Yuval Ido Tal is a poet, meditation teacher, and translator of modern and ancient Buddhist writings. He is the academic director of Psycho-Dharma (The Israeli School for the Buddhist Study of the Mind) and works with therapists studying at the Mindfulness Clinic at the Be’er Sheva Mental Health Center. He has been teaching Buddhism and Buddhist meditation, primarily in the Zen tradition, for 20 years and leads retreat 50 to 60 days of the year. He is the author of 4 books, including Buddhism: a Short Introduction, and has translated 9 more. His most recent work is a translation of and commentary on 130 Tang period poems called My Heart Startled by the Moon, co-authored with Yoav Rappoport.

If you speak Hebrew, please visit the Psycho-Dharma website at:

And if you don’t feel free to contact Yuval on Facebook at:


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