When We Put The Dharma First with Kim Hoben Hansen

podcast Jul 11, 2019

Kim Hoben Hansen began formal Zen practice in 1995 and the following year he became a student of Chozen Bays, Roshi and Hogen Bays, Roshi. In 2009 Hoben completed Sanghakai training, a 3-year program for lay Zen students designed to cultivate different aspects of Sangha service. He was made a Dharma Heir by Chozen Bays, Roshi and Hogen Bays, Roshi in 2015. Hoben is the founding teacher of the North Shore Zendo in Vancouver, Canada. And in addition to leading traditional retreats, Hoben has taught Zen Buddhism in specialized communities like lawyers and youth.

You can find out more by visiting: http://www.northshorezen.org/welcome/

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