Glimpsing Another Dimension of Life with Yonathan Dominitz

podcast May 30, 2019

Yonathan Dominitz began practicing Insight Meditation in 1997 and has been teaching the dharma since 2002 mainly with Tovana, the largest Buddhist community in Israel. In 2015, inspired by more than 10 years of service as a hospice volunteer, Yonathan co-founded Meditation 1:1 to help cancer patients find and foster inner strength during periods of crisis and uncertainty. He is also the founder of Mindscapes, where he trains and teaches creative thinking to companies worldwide.

If you understand Hebrew you can listen to his dharma talks here:

If you would like to help support the work of Meditation 1:1, you can find their information here (If you're using Chrome, right click and use the translate page option if you don't speak Hebrew)

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