Starting A New Habit with Reirin Alheidis Gumbel

podcast Sep 12, 2019

Reirin Alheidis Gumbel was born in Germany and moved to the United States in 1981. She began practicing Zen in 1990 and received lay ordination from Tenshin Reb Anderson in 1993. Reirin became a resident of the San Francisco Zen Center in 2003 and lived at Green Gulch Farm and Tassajara for nearly 12 years. She ordained as a Soto Zen Priest in 2007 and in May of 2019 Reirin received shiho (Dharma transmission) from Furyu Nancy Schroeder at Green Dragon Temple of San Francisco Zen Center. Currently, Reirin is the resident priest of the Milwaukee Zen Center.

You can find out more by visiting the website for the Milwaukee Zen Center:

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