Study the fundamentals of Zen
Learn skillful means
Form a solid foundation for your journey

Clarify & Illuminate
 Your Zen Journey

  • Delve more deeply into the origins and essential teachings of Zen
  • Learn more about our spiritual ancestors and their wisdom
  • Gain insight into the broader context of practice methods
  • Explore the ongoing evolution of our modern practice tradition
  • Benefit from the guidance of experienced Zen teachers
  • Nourish your meditation practice with an archive of recorded study material
  • Be enriched by shared support and wisdom from the community of practitioners

360 Zen Study Series

January–July 2023


Jan 9 & 23:
The Compass of Zen: The Purpose of Buddhism & Hinayana
Nancy Hedgpeth JDPSN

Feb 6 & 20
The Compass of Zen: The Four Noble Truths & the Eightfold Path
Yuval Gill JDPSN

Mar 14 & 21
Theravada & Zen
Zen Master Dae Kwan

Apr 3
The Compass of Zen: Mahayana—Diamond Sutra
Jan Sendzimir JDPSN

April 17
The Compass of Zen: Mahayana—Heart Sutra
Tim Colohan JDPSN

May 8
The Compass of Zen: Mahayana—Mahaparanirvana Sutra

May 22
The Compass of Zen: Avatamsaka Sutra
Zen Master Bon Hae (Judy Roitman)

Jun 5
The Compass of Zen: Mahayana—Mind-only
Zen Master Bon Hae (Judy Roitman)

June 19
The Compass of Zen: Mahayana—Song of Dharma Nature
Zen Master Hae Kwang (Stan Lombardo)

July 10
Mayahana: The Six Paramitas
Rebecca Otte JDPSN

July 24
The Temple Rules
Zen Master Jok Um (Ken Kessel)


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Zen Master Soeng Hyang

Zen Master Dae Bong

Zen Master Hae Kwang

Zen Master Bon Yeon

Zen Master Bon Hae

Andrzej Stec JDPSN

Kathy Park JDPSN

Lizzie Coombs JDPSN

Why study Zen this way?
Isn't Zen only about clear mind?

If Zen is a special transmission outside of the scriptures and isn't supposed to stand on any words, why should I spend my time studying history and texts?

Although Zen practice is about the direct experience of our true nature, it can be easy to become caught in our own beliefs and opinions about practice without realizing it. Studying the foundations of our tradition can shake us out of our thinking, deepen our practice, and point to truth in ways that would not have occurred to us. These teachings can clarify our journey and provide us with guideposts along the path to attain our true self.

Study in Community

Studying such an old and vast tradition as Zen Buddhism can be intimidating. Where do we start? Which topics do we focus on? How many of us have tried to study on our own but had trouble selecting or understanding the material?

The 360 Zen Study Series offers you high-quality teaching and insight from established teachers, connects you with a group of people who are excited and invested in learning the material, and provides you with a framework to help you stay accountable to your commitment.

What if I can't attend the live sessions?

Think about the Zen Study Series like an online course with a live portion as one possible option. 

Due to time zones, many of us may have a hard time coming to the live part of this program regularly. But don't let this stop you from getting the support you need. All of the live sessions are recorded, and both video and audio are provided so you can listen or watch them later, at your convenience. We invite you to send in your questions ahead of time to the teacher, and you can always ask questions in the community forum. There are multiple ways to get the help you need to study this important material, so just ask! 

Yes! I want to study
the foundations of Zen.



Not a member of the Kwan Um School of Zen or the Kwan Um Online Sangha? No problem, this is an open study program. We welcome anyone who has a genuine interest in studying the foundations of the Zen tradition in order to improve their practice. 




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