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Welcome to Kwan Um Zen Online, a virtual practice community in the
tradition of the Kwan Um School of Zen.


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Online Sangha Resources

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Livestream Meditation

We offer group livestream meditation practice multiple times per week. 

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Check-ins with Q&A

Get support and guidance from our experienced Zen teachers.

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Kong-an Interviews

An essential part of Zen, one-on-one kong-an interviews with Zen teachers. 

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Rare Teachings Archive

Rare audio & video teachings from Zen Master Seung Sahn and other teachers.

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Private Virtual Community

Meet other members of our community, and get encouragement and inspiration.

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Weekly Q&A

A weekly email with the latest questions & answers from our social media groups. 

"You cannot imagine how important the online sangha has become in my walk through Zen, always hand in hand with others." 


Join The Kwan Um Online Sangha

If you'd like to become a member of the Kwan Um Online Sangha, please sign up below. But please note that if you live within 2 hours of one of our Zen centers, you're probably not eligible to be an Online Sangha member. If you have a special situation which prevents you from practicing at your local Zen center, please write to us and explain your situation: [email protected]

To find out if you're located near a local Kwan Um Zen center, please see our lists of locations by region.

It is not possible to transfer membership from a regular KUSZ membership to KUOS membership except in very special circumstances and with the approval of the home Zen center’s guiding teacher and/or respective administrative body.

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