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Compass of Zen with Zen Master Dae Bong


Do you need a compass for your life in these turbulent times?
Watch Zen Master Dae Bong's six-part dharma talk series on the Compass of Zen, a collection of teachings from Zen Master Seung Sahn. As the most accessible and comprehensive text that gives us an overview of Buddhism and Zen, the Compass of Zen is a companion for any serious Zen practitioner whether a beginner or experienced.
This course includes:
Session 1—Introduction to the Compass of Zen; Purpose of Buddhism; Introduction to Hinayana (through the Twelve Links of Dependent Origination)
Session 2—Four Noble Truths; Eightfold Path; Three Seals of Existence; Three Kinds of Practice
Session 3—Introduction to Mahayana (through the Song of Dharma Nature)
Session 4—Mind-only; The Theory of Karma; Six Paramitas
Session 5—Introduction to Zen; Major Points in Zen (Classifications of Meditation through Effort in Zen)
Session 6—The Zen Circle; Substance-Truth-Function; Wisdom; Kong-ans; Zen and Everyday Life; World Peace (Zen Circle through Just -Like-This-Is Buddha)